Revalor-S: Product Information

REVALOR-S- trenbolone acetate and estradiol implant
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

For Steers
Fed In Confinement
For Slaughter


Revalor® -S (trenbolone acetate and estradiol) is an implant containing 120 mg of trenbolone acetate and 24 mg estradiol. Each implant consists of 6 small yellow pellets. Ten implants are provided in a cartridge.

Manufactured by a non-sterilizing process.


Increases rate of weight gain and improves feed efficiency in a slow-release delivery system.

Do not use in veal calves. Effectiveness and animal safety in veal calves have not been established.


Studies have demonstrated that the administration of Revalor®-S can result in decreased marbling scores when compared to non-implanted steers.


One implant containing 120 mg trenbolone acetate and 24 mg estradiol is administered to each animal. The 6 pellets which make up the dosage of Revalor® -S are contained in one division of the multiple dose cartridge. Ten doses are in each cartridge. The cartridge is designed to be used with a special implant gun.


The implant is placed under the skin on the posterior aspect of the ear by means of a special implanter available from Intervet Inc.

With the animal suitably restrained, the skin on the outer surface of the ear should be cleaned. The implant is then administered by the method shown in the diagram below.

Fig. 1
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After appropriately restraining the animal to allow access to the ear, cleanse the skin at the implant needle puncture site. It is subcutaneous between the skin and cartilage on the back side of the ear and below the midline of the ear. The implant must not be placed closer to the head than the edge of the cartilage ring farthest from the head. The location of insertion of the needle is a point toward the tip of the ear and at least a needle length away from the intended deposition site. Care should be taken to avoid injuring the major blood vessels or cartilage of the ear.

Fig. 2
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  1. Do not remove the cap of the cartridge containing the implants.
  2. Place the cartridge (D) with the capped end to the front into slot at the top of the implanter magazine marked (A) on the diagram.
  3. Gently push the cartridge into the slot until it clicks into place.
  4. The implanter is then ready for use.
  5. Take the ear of the animal firmly with the free hand in the manner shown in Fig. 1. Then insert the needle into the subcutaneous tissue at the point indicated in Fig. 2.
  6. After inserting the needle to its full extent, squeeze the trigger (E) gradually. Allow the pellets of the implant to be deposited in a single row.
  7. Withdraw the implanter. This will advance the cartridge one groove in the magazine and the next implant is now ready for use.
  8. When all the implants have been administered, the cartridge will discharge out the bottom of the magazine and may be replaced by a new one.
  9. To change the needle, loosen the needle locking nut labeled (F) in Fig. 3 and replace the needle. Tighten the nut finger tight and the implanter is ready for use.
Fig. 3
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Not to be used in animals intended for subsequent breeding, or in dairy animals. For Animal Treatment Only. Not for Use in Humans. Implant pellets in the ear only. Any other location is in violation of Federal Law. Do not attempt salvage of implanted site for human or animal food.

A withdrawal period has not been established for this product in pre-ruminating calves. Do not use in calves to be processed for veal.


Store unopened product at or below 25°C (77°F). Avoid excessive heat and humidity. Use product before the expiration date printed on the label and on the cartridge pouch. Opened cartridges may be stored in the foil pouch protected from light in the refrigerator (2-8°C/36-47°F) for up to 6 months.


Box of 10 × 10 cartridge implants.

Made in Austria by:
Intervet GesmbH

Distributed by:
Intervet Inc (d/b/a Merck Animal Health)
Madison, NJ 07940

Restricted Drug (California) — Use only as Directed

Rev. 03/15

Animal Health

NADA # 140-897, Approved by FDA

Revalor is a registered trademark of Intervet Inc. or an affiliate.

151325 R1

PRINCIPAL DISPLAY PANEL — 10 x 10 Cartridge Implant Box

Revalor® -S
(trenbolone acetate and estradiol)

For Steers
Fed In Confinement
For Slaughter

Box of 10 x 10 Cartridge Implants

Manufactured by a non-sterilizing process
Restricted Drug (California) — use only as directed.

Animal Health

PRINCIPAL DISPLAY PANEL -- 10 x 10 Cartridge Implant Box
(click image for full-size original)
trenbolone acetate and estradiol implant
Product Information
Product Type OTC ANIMAL DRUG Item Code (Source) NDC:57926-020
Route of Administration SUBCUTANEOUS DEA Schedule
Active Ingredient/Active Moiety
Ingredient Name Basis of Strength Strength
trenbolone acetate (trenbolone) trenbolone acetate 120 mg
estradiol (estradiol) estradiol 24 mg
# Item Code Package Description Multilevel Packaging
1 NDC:57926-020-01 10 CARTRIDGE in 1 BOX contains a CARTRIDGE
1 10 IMPLANT in 1 CARTRIDGE This package is contained within the BOX (57926-020-01)
Marketing Information
Marketing Category Application Number or Monograph Citation Marketing Start Date Marketing End Date
NADA NADA140897 11/27/1991
Labeler — Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. (001317601)

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