BMD Soluble: Product Information

BMD SOLUBLE- bacitracin methylenedisalicylate powder, for solution
Zoetis Inc.

BMD® Soluble

(bacitracin methylenedisalicylate soluble powder)

Proportioner Pack

For poultry and livestock drinking water

Broiler and replacement chickens

An aid in prevention and control of necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridium perfringens susceptible to bacitracin methylenedisalicylate.

Growing turkeys

An aid in control of transmissible enteritis (blue comb, mud fever) in growing turkeys complicated by organisms susceptible to bacitracin methylenedisalicylate.

Growing quail

For the prevention of ulcerative enteritis due to Clostridium colinum susceptible to bacitracin methylenedisalicylate.


For use in the treatment of swine dysentery associated with Brachyspira hyodysenteriae.

Active ingredient

Contains 51.2 g bacitracin activity from bacitracin methylenedisalicylate equivalent to 200 g bacitracin activity per pound or to 18,520 units bacitracin (master standard) per gram.


Granulated sugar, sodium bicarbonate, anti-caking agent.


Not for use in humans. Keep out of reach of children. For oral use in animals only.


For water medicators.

Directions for use

Animal Condition Prevention Control
Broiler and replacement chickens Necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridium perfringens susceptible to bacitracin methylenedisalicylate. 100 mg / gal 200 — 400 mg / gal
Growing turkeys Transmissible enteritis (blue comb, mud fever) complicated by organisms susceptible to bacitracin methylenedisalicylate. 400 mg / gal
Growing quail Ulcerative enteritis due to Clostridium colinum susceptible to bacitracin methylenedisalicylate.. 400 mg / gal
Swine Swine dysentery (bloody scours) associated with Brachyspira hyodysenteriae. 1000 mg / gal

Net Weight

4.1 oz (116.2 g)

Store between 20°C -25°C (68°F — 77°F);

excursions permitted between 15°C — 37°C (59°F — 99°F).

Restricted Drug (California) — Use only as directed.

Prepare a fresh solution daily and use as sole source of drinking water.

Mixing instructions

For Proportioners

Select the treatment dosage. Set the proportioner at the desired delivery rate. To prepare the proportioner’s stock solution, place the indicated quantity of BMD Soluble in a 2-gallon container, fill with water and stir until dissolved.

For Tanks

One package of BMD Soluble will medicate approximately 50 gallons of water at a dosage of 1000 mg/gallon.

Treatment dosage PROPORTIONER SET AT:
1 ounce/gallon
2 ounces/gallon
200 mg/gallon is equivalent to about 100 g of feed grade BMD per ton of feed
100 mg/gal 1/2 pack 1/4 pack
200 mg/gal * 1 pack 1/2 pack
400 mg/gal 2 packs 1 pack
1000 mg/gal 5 packs 2-1/2 packs

*200 mg/gallon is equivalent to about 100 g of feed grade BMD per ton of feed

To control an outbreak, start medication at first clinical signs of disease. Consult a diagnostic laboratory or veterinarian to determine the diagnosis and advice regarding the optimal level of drug. For necrotic enteritis in broiler and replacement chickens, administer continuously 5-7 days or as long as clinical signs persist, then reduce medication to prevention levels (100 mg/gal).

For transmissible enteritis in turkeys, administer continuously as long as clinical signs persist. For swine dysentery start medication at first signs of the disease or at time of exposure and administer continuously for 7 days or until signs of dysentery disappear. Treatment not to exceed 14 days.

CAUTION: Not for use in swine weighing more than 250 lb.

Distributed by:
Zoetis Inc.
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

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Net Weight 4.1 oz (116.2 g)

Restricted Drug (California) — Use only as directed.

Approved by FDA under NADA # 065-470


bag label
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bacitracin methylene disalicylate powder, for solution
Product Information
Product Type OTC TYPE A MEDICATED ARTICLE ANIMAL DRUG Item Code (Source) NDC:54771-1320
Route of Administration ORAL DEA Schedule
Active Ingredient/Active Moiety
Ingredient Name Basis of Strength Strength
Product Characteristics
Color brown (Tan to light brown) Score
Shape Size
Flavor Imprint Code
# Item Code Package Description Multilevel Packaging
1 NDC:54771-1320-1 50 PACKET in 1 CONTAINER contains a PACKET
1 0.1162 kg in 1 PACKET This package is contained within the CONTAINER (54771-1320-1)
Marketing Information
Marketing Category Application Number or Monograph Citation Marketing Start Date Marketing End Date
NADA NADA065470 03/22/2007
Labeler — Zoetis Inc. (828851555)

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