Anthelcide EQ: Product Information

ANTHELCIDE EQ- oxibendazole paste
Zoetis Inc.


For use in horses only


Anthelcide EQ Paste is a paste formulation of oxibendazole, a broad-spectrum benzimidazole anthelmintic. This formulation has been developed for ease of administration. Each syringe contains 0.85 oz (24 g) of paste.

Anthelcide EQ Paste contains:
Oxibendazole 22.7%


Anthelcide EQ Paste is indicated for removal and control of: large strongyles (Strongylus edentatus, S. equinus, S. vulgaris); small strongyles (species of the genera Cylicostephanus, Cylicocyclus, Cyathostomum, Triodontophorus, Cylicodontophorus, and Gyalocephalus) ; large roundworms (Parascaris equorum); pinworms (Oxyuris equi) including various larval stages; and threadworms (Strongyloides westeri).


Anthelcide EQ is contraindicated in severely debilitated horses or horses suffering from infectious disease, toxemia, or colic.


Do not use in horses intended for human consumption.


Consult your veterinarian for assistance in the diagnosis, treatment, and control of parasitism.

Keep Out of Reach of Children.


Parasite resistance may develop to any dewormer, and has been reported for most classes of dewormers. Treatment with a dewormer used in conjunction with parasite management practices appropriate to the geographic area and the animal(s) to be treated may slow the development of parasite resistance. Fecal examinations or other diagnostic tests and parasite management history should be used to determine if the product is appropriate for the herd prior to the use of any dewormer. Following the use of any dewormer, effectiveness of treatment should be monitored (for example, with the use of a fecal egg count reduction test or another appropriate method). A decrease in a drug’s effectiveness over time as calculated by fecal egg count reduction tests may indicate the development of resistance to the dewormer administered. Your parasite management plan should be adjusted accordingly based on regular monitoring.


The dosage of oxibendazole is 10 mg/kg (2.2 lb) of body weight (15 mg/kg for strongyloides). Each mark on the syringe delivers Anthelcide EQ to treat 100 lb (67 lb for strongyloides). Horses maintained on premises where reinfection is likely to occur should be retreated in 6–8 weeks.

Do not underdose. Ensure each animal receives a complete dose based on a current body weight. Underdosing may result in ineffective treatment, and encourage the development of parasite resistance.

Dosage Table
10 mg/kg 15 mg/kg
Syringe Mark Horse Weight (lb) Syringe Mark Horse Weight (lb)
100 100 300 200
200 200 600 400
400 400 900 600
600 600 1200 800
800 800
1000 1000
1200 1200

Anthelcide EQ is compatible with carbon disulfide, which can be used concurrently for bot control (Gasterophilus spp.) when administered by a veterinarian. Routine carbon disulfide cautions must be observed.


Determine the weight of the horse and dial the correct setting on the plunger, having the side of the wheel nearest the barrel on the desired mark. Remove the cap from the syringe. Insert the tip of the syringe into the side of the animal’s mouth between the incisor and molar teeth and press the plunger down as far as it will go, depositing the paste on the back of the tongue.


Anthelcide EQ paste is supplied in 0.85-oz (24-g) syringes.


Store at controlled room temperature 15°–30°C (59°–86°F).

Approved by FDA under NADA # 121-042
Distributed by:
Zoetis Inc.
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Revised: June 2019


24 g Syringe Label
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oxibendazole paste
Product Information
Product Type OTC ANIMAL DRUG Item Code (Source) NDC:54771-6045
Route of Administration ORAL DEA Schedule
Active Ingredient/Active Moiety
Ingredient Name Basis of Strength Strength
# Item Code Package Description Multilevel Packaging
1 NDC:54771-6045-2 24 g in 1 SYRINGE None
Marketing Information
Marketing Category Application Number or Monograph Citation Marketing Start Date Marketing End Date
NADA NADA121042 10/16/1981
Labeler — Zoetis Inc. (828851555)

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